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Key organisations and bodies

A lot of dedicated people are needed to make a school function in the best possible way. This page provides details of the organisations and bodies that support the school management in the continuous development of Capriccio Music Schools.

Parents' Hub

The parents' association represents and supports parents in their concerns. They carry out various projects that we are unable to able to carry out on our own, for example raising funds for the renovation of the common rooms or helping to provide technical equipment for the school (e.g., IT or classroom equipment).


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Students' body

The students' body represents the interests of our pupils. In conjunction with the school management and the parents' association, it organises major events (e.g. sports day). It also runs services such as the snack bar and different smaller events in school. The students' body representatives are always open to questions and suggestions from pupils, and many pupils find them easier to approach than the teaching staff.

President of the students' body:

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Head pupil:

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